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With 3+ years of experience and 0 customers banned, you can be assured your account will be safe

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Our services are usually completed within 24hrs. In most cases, it's compelted in less than 1hr

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Live chat with your booster. Receive updates & ask questions. No need to disable Steam Guard!


We are Aurora Boost. We specialize in boosting GTA V: Online accounts quickly and more importantly, safely. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure account security from bans as well as providing you with fantastic customer service.

Tired of missing out on the latest DLC? Consider browsing our services, we guarantee you’ll find a service that suits your budget and needs.

What makes us different?

We use privately coded tools. Our tools are only used by us and aren’t sold or shared. Keeping our methods safe from detection and your account safe from bans. Our live chat feature allows you to speak directly with your booster while they are working on your order. This also saves you the trouble of disabling your Steam Guard. Just another way of keeping your account information safe.

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